Application of LFT long fiber reinforced composite materials under the wave of 5G communication

2020-07-28 04:36:56

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Application of LFT long fiber reinforced composite materials under the wave of 5G communication

Application of LFT long fiber reinforced composite materials under the wave of 5G communication


The government-led 5G communication network is coming, and this new technology product has also triggered a series of chain reactions: operators, smartphone manufacturers, wireless base station manufacturers, smart chip manufacturers, and high-performance material suppliers are all in Actively prepare for war.

We understand today what applications of LFT long-fiber reinforced composites can be used in the 5G boom. Is the future an opportunity or a challenge?

5G base stations mainly include: AAU housing, metal cavity filter, heat dissipation housing, antenna bottom plate, 5G connectors and other structural components.

Today we give an example of some applications of LFT long fiber reinforced composite materials in 5G base stations.

Application examples

5G base station radome, its role is to protect the antenna system, reduce the impact of the external environment and extend the life of the antenna, it needs to meet the requirements of low dielectric coefficient and resistance to complex environments:

The traditional PC plastic makes the material become brittle and easy to wear over time, and the material has poor impact resistance and chemical resistance. After being modified, the LFT long fiber reinforced PC material can have the comprehensive performance required to meet the daily use of 5G radome:

In addition, LFT modified PP and PC materials can also be used in the AAU housings of 5G base stations, or communication base stations with high frequency and electromagnetic shielding requirements. As the main equipment of the 5G base station, the working temperature of the AAU housing should also be maintained in the range of -40°C to 55°C. The heat dissipation surface, surface flatness, product structure strength, and forming stability of the 5G base station equipment have high requirements. .

What other applications of LFT long fiber reinforced composite materials?

LFT modified materials can be used in the housing of 5G base stations, equipment frames, brackets, filters, signal receivers, etc., and can be used in mobile phone housings, back covers, batteries, chips and other components.

What are the advantages of LFT long fiber reinforced composites?

Plastics with a single nature are difficult to meet the requirements of 5G communication applications, and LFT modified plastics are one of the basic raw materials for 5G technology. High dimensional stability, excellent fatigue resistance and mechanical properties, high impact resistance and other properties are the biggest advantages.

The rapid development of science and technology has led to the emergence of LFT-G long fiber reinforced composite materials. GPM Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, provides professional customization services for modified reinforced long fiber composite materials.

GPM company was founded by veterans in the thermoplastic reinforced composite material industry, focusing on R&D and production (LFT-G.LFRT, LFT) long glass/carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic engineering plastics. The LFT long-fiber composite material produced by our company has the advantages of light weight, high strength, strong impact resistance, design and recycling, and environmental protection. Compared with traditional materials, it requires lower cost, stronger corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and better molding processing performance. It is the gold material of the 21st century.

Advantages of Pelletizing Line

1.Suitable for glass fiber content:30-60%

2. Length of LET-G pellets: 3-30mm

3.New generation infiltrating die, can improve the infiltrating degree between the melt and fiber,

4. New designed pelletizer, the cutter rotary is adjustable according to the different pellet length.

 Technical parameters

Model GWP36 GWP52 GWP65 GWP72

Motor power (KW) 18.5 45 90 132

Raw material PP/PE/PA/PET/PRT/PLA

Fiber variety Glass fiber, carbon fiber, nylon, aramid fiber

Strands qty 8-12 16-24 36-48 64-72

Line speed (m/min) 5-20

Capacity (kg/h) 80-150 200-300 350-450 550-650

The series of products can be used in the manufacture of home appliances, aerospace, automotive, military, electrical and other parts, such as helmets, gears, rollers, pulleys, rollers, pump impellers, fan blades, etc., and can also be used to manufacture medical equipment, sporting goods, Daily necessities and other fields.

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