Thermoplastic UD tape machineGPM

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Thermoplastic UD tape machine

What GPM provides is a full new system of thermoplastic composite material manufacturing equipment, which uses PEEK、PPS、PP, PE, PA, PC and other plastics and glass fiber, aramid, carbon fiber and other long-fiber materials to make pellets,sheets(UD tapes),and boards。and then die-casting,lamination and other forming processes are made into structural parts that can be used for automobiles, airplanes, high-speed rail, military, sports, etc., replacing the original metal materials.

Special plastic pipe machineGPM

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Special plastic pipe machine

GPM developed new types of PVC special pipeline equipment, among which CPVC pipes are mainly used for hot water pipe, chemical pipe and fire pipe; PVC-O pipe is mainly used in water supply pipelines, mine pipelines, non-excavation laying and repairing pipelines, gas pipeline networks, etc., especially in underground environments where the environment is extremely strict and corrosive, and PVC-O pipes are Its excellent performance will surely gain a large competitive advantage in the plastic pipe market.


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